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Women's Swimwear, Swimsuits & Bikini Trends Summer 2024

five swimwear models wearing a range of 2024 prints and styles of bikinis and swimsuits with the wording summer 2024 in white
Summer 2024 Swimwear trends Always Sunshine Somewhere

2024 Women's Swimwear Trends: A Journey Through Style and Sustainability

Explore the forefront of women's swimwear trends in 2024 with our exclusive collection. This year marks a significant evolution in swimsuit and bikini trends, blending historical elegance with modern flair. Dive into our curated selection, showcasing the best of summer 2024 ladies swimwear trends.

swimwear model posing on the beach with sea behind her wearing a blue ladies swimming costume with a pink floral design
Blue chic floral plunge swimsuit summer 2024

Swimsuit and bikini trends with a nostalgic nod. Our high-waisted bikinis and ruched textures, reinvented with a contemporary edge, are a tribute to the timeless charm of Hollywood's golden era.

blonde swimwear model wearing a cutout swimsuit with bright floral flowers and leaves. colours are green pink and yellow
Neon floral swimwear

As a highlight of women's swimwear trends 2024, this season draws inspiration from the natural world. Experience swimwear that mirrors the rugged beauty of the earth, it's flora and fauna and the graceful flow of water, designed for nature enthusiasts.

Ethical Elegance: Sustainable Fashion Choices

Join the movement of eco-conscious fashion with swimwear made from recycled materials. These pieces embody a commitment to the environment, setting a new standard in women's swimwear trends 2024.

Black swimwear model wearing orange animal bandeau bikini swimsuit in a photography studio setting
Pink bandeau bikini in an abstract animal Yayoi Kusama polka dot art print.

This seasons swimwear redefines swimsuit and bikini trends with bold geometric patterns and asymmetric designs. These pieces transform swimwear into wearable art, perfect for the modern fashionista.

Accessorise in Style: Elevating Your Swimwear

This season extends beyond swimsuits, featuring elegant accessories like oversized hats, sarongs, and sandals that perfectly complement our swimwear.

Blonde swimwear model wearing black and white abstract triangle bikini.
Black and White Triangle Bikini with abstract print.

The classic appeal of black and white remains a cornerstone in summer 2024 ladies swimwear trends. These minimalist yet bold pieces exude an understated elegance.

Model wearing shiny metallic fabric triangle bikini
Metallic fabric triangle bikini for summer 2024 trend.

Metallic Revolution: The Future of Swimwear Fabrics

Embrace the future with metallic fabric swimwear, a standout in swimsuit and bikini trends. These shimmering fabrics blend technology with fashion, ensuring you're the highlight of every beach outing.

A Spectrum of Emotion: Colourful Swimwear Trends.

The colour palette of our 2024 collection is a celebration of emotions, featuring serene blues, passionate reds, pinks and earthy tones, each telling its own story.

swimwear models wearing 2024 colour tend bikinis

Print Parade: A Celebration of Swimwear Pattern Trends

From vibrant florals to bold animal prints and creative abstracts and geometrics our swimwear is at the forefront of the print trend in women's swimwear for 2024.

swimwear models wearing colourful 2024 print bikinis

Discover how 2024's swimsuit and bikini trends are more than just fashion – they're a reflection of personal style, a statement of sustainability, and a step towards a diverse future. Explore our latest collection at 2024 swimwear collection

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