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Cheers to Summer: Delicious Cocktail Recipes and Swimwear Tips from Our Team

bikinis & cocktails women at beach bar

Summer's all about those moments where you kick back, soak up the sun, and sip something delicious. We asked the Always Sunshine Somewhere team to share their ultimate holiday cocktails, where they'd dream of drinking them, and why that drink + destination combo is their perfect getaway. Get ready for some serious wanderlust!

Team Member Picks:

Mia - Print Designer - Cocktail: Watermelon Mint Spritzer

watermelon mint spritser


  • 2 cups cubed watermelon

  • Handful of fresh mint leaves

  • 1-2 oz vodka (or sparkling water for a mocktail)

  • 1/2 lime, juiced

  • Soda water to top

Muddle watermelon and mint, mix with vodka & lime, top with soda.

Destination: A colourful beachside bar in Tulum, Mexico

Why: "This drink screams 'tropical vacation'! The vibrant colours match my playful style, and the fresh flavours are so refreshing in the heat.

I'd wear our Pink & Orange Bikini in the Ikat Print for maximum boho vibes."

Sophie - Swimwear Designer - Cocktail: Classic Gin Martini (with a twist)

summer gin martini with a twist 2024


  • 2.5 oz quality gin

  • 0.5 oz dry vermouth

  • Lemon peel for garnish

  • Optional: Olive, if that's your preference

Destination: An elegant hotel bar in the south of France

Why: "Sometimes simple is best. This is my go-to for a sophisticated evening. I'd sip it watching the sunset on the French Riviera, wearing our Retro Vintage Floral bandeau bikini top with a white linen over shirt and trousers – timeless elegance with a modern edge."

Ava - GarmentTechnologist - Cocktail: Spicy Mango Margarita

spicy mango margarita summer 2024 drinks


  • 2 oz silver tequila

  • 1 oz fresh lime juice

  • 1 oz mango nectar (or muddled mango)

  • 0.5 oz agave syrup

  • Pinch of chili powder + salt for the rim

Destination: A laid-back surf shack on the coast of Costa Rica

Why: "A little sweet, a little heat – that's my kind of drink! I picture myself with salty hair and this margarita after a morning of surfing.

Our Orange Animal Bandeau Bikini & High waist, High leg bottoms would be my pick – functional and fun, just like this drink."

Chloe - Social Media & Marketing - Cocktail: Tropical Piña Colada

summer cocktails by the pool 2024


  • 2 oz white rum

  • 1.5 oz coconut cream

  • 3 oz pineapple juice

  • Crushed ice

Blend and garnish with a pineapple wedge & cherry.

Destination: Poolside at a trendy Miami Beach hotel

Why: "It's the ultimate pool party drink! Sweet, fun, and perfect for those Instagram-worthy moments.

I'd definitely rock our Bright Yellow floral Bikini – it's as bold and playful as this cocktail."

There you have it – our team's dream drinks! What's your ultimate vacation cocktail and where would you sip it? Share in the comments below!


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