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Is Your Mental Health Hiding in Your Suitcase? Why Holidays are Essential (and Not Just for the Cocktails)

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At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we’re all about holidays. You don’t need to ask us twice to jet off somewhere warm for a week away or indulge in a cheeky city break to reset those creative juices. As Mia, our print designer, puts it, "I like to get away as much as possible. It's a great brain reset, and I feel more creative when I get back. The holiday snaps help with my design process as well – double win!"

The Ultimate Stress Buster

Holidays are like pressing the reset button on your sanity. No chores, no work emails—just blissful permission to do absolutely nothing if that’s what you crave. A change of scenery works wonders on those overworked stress hormones. Plus, the simple act of planning a trip gives you something fun to focus on instead of that looming deadline.

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The Science Behind It

Ever felt your stress levels drop just by daydreaming about a holiday? There’s science behind that bliss. Studies show that taking breaks and immersing yourself in new environments can significantly lower cortisol levels, the body's primary stress hormone. It's basically your brain's way of saying, "I need this!"

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Give Your Brain a Tropical Workout

Remember that awe when you experience something completely new? That’s your brain doing joyful backflips. Navigating bustling markets or ordering coffee in a foreign language gives your brain a better workout than sudoku. Trading your routine for a dose of novelty keeps mental cobwebs at bay and sparks all sorts of creativity.

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Nature’s Happy Pill (With a Side of Vitamin D)

Sunshine really is good for the soul. Soaking up some rays boosts Vitamin D, crucial for keeping your mood sunny too. Combine that with the natural joy of being outdoors, and it’s no wonder a beach holiday beats any motivational poster hands down.

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Rediscovering Your People (and Yourself)

Holidays are the perfect time to reconnect. Whether it’s giggling with your besties over campfire stories or finally having those uninterrupted heart-to-hearts, travel is rocket fuel for your relationships. It also gives you the space to hit the reset button on yourself. Away from the usual grind, you can figure out what truly makes you tick.

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Practical Tips for Planning Your Escape

  • Choose Your Destination: Think about what environment will best help you relax and recharge.

  • Manage Your Budget: Plan your finances to avoid post-vacation stress.

  • Pack Smart: Bring essentials ( a new bikini perhaps?) and a few comfort items to enhance your experience.

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Tropical Escapes Without the Travel

Can’t travel right now? No worries! Here are some fun ways to get that holiday feeling without leaving home:

  • Host a Hawaiian Tropical Cocktail Party: Transform your garden into a tropical paradise with themed cocktails, leis, and island music.

  • Visit a UK Beach: Explore the beautiful beaches right here in the UK. A day by the sea can be just as refreshing as a tropical getaway.

  • Pamper Day at a Local Health Spa: Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at a local spa. Massages, facials, and a little me-time can do wonders for your well-being.

luxury spa pamper day

Permission to Put Yourself First

We live in a world obsessed with hustle, making it feel like taking a break is practically a crime. But here’s the thing: burnout helps no one. Think of a holiday as an investment in your happiness because, let’s face it, a recharged, joyful version of you is a way better employee, parent, and friend. As we like to say at Always Sunshine Somewhere, "Sometimes finding your sunshine means packing a suitcase and chasing it."


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