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Always Sunshine Somewhere Crew's Top Summer Movie Picks

I carried a watermelon Dirty dANCING

Picture this: It's one of those long, lazy summer afternoons at the Always Sunshine Somewhere HQ. The AC is blasting, iced coffees are in hand, and we've escaped our usual design meetings to swap favourite summer flicks. From heartwarming classics to those that make you want to pack a suitcase immediately, the conversation was flowing as vibrantly as our latest swimwear prints. Naturally, we decided to share the inspiration with you.

The Debate

Mia - Print Designer:

  • Film: Call Me By Your Name (2017)

  • Mia's Take: "This film is like a sun-drenched Italian postcard come to life. The languid days, the blossoming romance amidst those breathtaking landscapes... It makes me want to ditch my deadlines, book a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean, and never look back. Plus, Elio's wardrobe has enough dreamy 80s nostalgia to inspire an entire swimwear collection!"

summer movies - call me by your name

Sophie - Swimwear Designer:

  • Film: Thelma & Louise (1991)

  • Sophie's Take: "Forget beaches and cocktails, sometimes your soul craves a true adventure. That iconic Thunderbird convertible, the windswept landscapes, the rebellious spirit... this film is a reminder that the best holidays are the ones where you embrace the unexpected. And hey, a little sartorial inspiration never hurts. “ Louise's denim cut-offs and vintage tees are timeless."

top women's movies - thelma and louise

Ava - The Garment Technologist:

  • Film: Dirty Dancing (1987)

  • Ava's Take: "Come on, who doesn't secretly want to be Baby? It's the ultimate summer camp fantasy.“ the music, the dancing, and of course, Patrick Swayze. This film isn't just about a summer fling; it's about finding your confidence, learning to move to your own rhythm. And let's be honest, the final lift scene is pure design genius, from a movement perspective!"

ultimate women's summer movies dirty dancing

Chloe - Social Media & Marketing:

  • Film: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

  • Chloe's Take: "Give me vibrant markets, over-the-top fashion, and a side of sizzling romance! This film is such a visual feast, and it perfectly captures the excitement of stepping into an entirely new world. It makes me want to upgrade my holiday wardrobe, book that five-star resort, and channel my inner Astrid. “ with a killer Instagram feed, of course!"

indulgent luxury  movies crazy rich asians

The Wrap-Up:

So, whether you crave a languid European escape, a heart-pounding road trip, or a classic summer romance, there's a film out there to ignite your wanderlust. Because the best holidays aren't defined by the itinerary, but by how they make you feel. As we say at Always Sunshine Somewhere, "Life's a beach “ find your wave, and ride it in style!"

Now, we want to hear from you! What's YOUR favourite cinematic summer getaway? Spill the details in the comments!


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