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The Best Inflatable Accessories for Bikinis & Pool Parties

summer pool bikini 2024

Picture this: the sun's shining, the pool beckons, and a decision weightier than what swimsuit to pack hangs in the air. Here at Always Sunshine Somewhere, we're all about poolside bliss, but even we're divided on the ultimate summer accessory the inflatable! Let's dive into the debate...

The Great Debate

Mia - Print Designer:

  • Team Giant Flamingo: "Nothing beats a classic! It's ridiculous, impractical, and I absolutely LOVE it. Plus, think of the epic Instagram moments!"

  • Argument Against Others: "Crocodiles? Armchairs? Boring! Where's the whimsy? The vibrant silliness?"

summer float fun 2024

Sophie - Swimwear Designer:

  • Team Retro Crocodile: "Hear me out! There's a reason crocodiles are a poolside staple. They're surprisingly comfy, and I have fond childhood memories of conquering mine. It's nostalgia with a side of lounging."

  • Argument Against Flamingo: "Elegant? Please. Half the fun is trying NOT to topple off a giant pink bird!"

pin up girl in bikini

Ava - Garment Technologist:

  • Team Armchair: "The cup holder is a game-changer, and the wider base offers superior stability. I might even modify mine with a sunshade attachment..."

  • Argument Against Others: "Look, I appreciate a little silliness, but sometimes practicality wins out for a relaxing float."

summer holiday bikini 2024

Chloe - Social Media & Marketing:

  • Team Undecided: "Flamingos are iconic, crocodiles are nostalgic... how do I choose?! Maybe a double-decker inflatable? One half flamingo, one half crocodile...the ultimate shareable pool float!"

  • Argument for Both: "Maximum content potential! Think of the hilarious videos of me trying to master them both..."

The Verdict:

So, who emerges victorious in this epic inflatable showdown? Honestly, at Always Sunshine Somewhere, we believe embracing your inner child is just as important as sophisticated lounging. Because true summer fun is about whatever brings a smile to your face, even if it's a giant, nostalgic, inflatable crocodile.

Your Turn!

What's your inflatable of choice? Share your hilarious childhood pool float memories in the comments. Did you rock a flamingo, conquer a crocodile, or embrace a different inflatable altogether?


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