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Sustainable Women's Swimwear

Embracing a New Wave of Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear

At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we're not just creating women's swimwear; we're crafting a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion future. Our commitment to these ideals is reflected in every stitch and pattern of our swimwear collections.


Sustainable Materials: Ocean-Friendly Elegance

Our swimwear is a testament to our love for the oceans. We exclusively use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Brisbane REC techno-fabric, a superior material made from recycled polyester yarn. This fabric is not only durable and resistant to chlorine, pilling, sun cream, and oil but also provides essential UV ray protection. We believe in crafting swimwear that supports the health of the oceans you adore.


Transparent Supply Chain: Ethical Fashion, Defined

Transparency is at the core of our ethical fashion philosophy. Our manufacturing is done in our very own UK factory.

At Apparel Inspired Ltd, our sister company in Northeast England, we merge cutting-edge digital equipment with over a century of collective clothing design and supply expertise. Here we design and manufacturer all Always Sunshine Somewhere garments to exacting standards.


Durability: Sustainable Style That Lasts

We believe that ethical swimwear should be as durable as it is comfortable. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with rigorous fabric testing and wearer trials ensuring that each piece can withstand the test of time and elements.


AI in Design and Photography: Pioneering a Low Carbon Footprint

In our journey towards sustainability, we've embraced the revolutionary role of AI. We utilise AI for:

  • Design: AI aids us in designing swimwear and fabric prints, significantly reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with traditional design processes.

  • Product Photography: Leveraging AI models and photoshoots minimizes our environmental impact, showcasing our products in a revolutionary, eco-friendly manner.


Diving into a Sustainable Future

"Always Sunshine Somewhere" isn't just about swimwear; it's about making a statement. A statement of care for our planet, a commitment to ethical practices, and a celebration of sustainable fashion. Dive into our collection and join us in making waves in the fashion world, where sustainability, ethics, and style coexist beautifully.

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