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Recycled Fabrics For Sustainable Swimwear Brands UK

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Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good: Recycled Fabrics Breathe New Life Into Swimwear

The fashion industry has a responsibility to address its environmental impact, and swimwear is no exception. While traditional production methods create strain on resources and contribute to waste, there's a growing movement toward sustainable solutions and recycled fabrics are leading the way. Let's explore how "Always Sunshine Somewhere" is turning waste into wearable sunshine.

Reclaiming Waste, Redefining Fashion:

The problem of textile waste is undeniable. Discarded clothing, including synthetic materials, often ends up in landfills or polluting the environment. Recycled fabrics tackle this problem head-on by transforming pre- and post-consumer waste, like plastic bottles and fishing nets, into high-quality materials ready for a second life.

"Seeing the problem of plastic pollution firsthand inspired us to act. Recycled fabrics might be a small step, but it's a step towards a more responsible fashion industry and a cleaner planet."

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Digital Printing: A Cleaner, Greener Process

We're committed to sustainable practices at every step, which is why we choose digital printing. This innovative technology offers several environmental benefits over traditional textile printing:

  • Reduced Water Usage: Digital printing consumes significantly less water a precious resource.

  • Lower Chemical Consumption: Fewer dyes and chemicals are used, minimising pollution.

  • On-Demand Printing: Precise production means less fabric waste and overstock.

Always Sunshine Somewhere: Sustainable Swimwear with a Difference

At "Always Sunshine Somewhere," sustainability is our standard. Our carefully chosen recycled fabrics embody a commitment to responsible fashion.

  • Second Life, First-Rate Quality: Our recycled fabrics boast the same amazing features you expect:

  • Bi-elasticity: For a comfortable, flexible fit that moves with you.

  • Shape Retention: So you can look and feel confident all day long.

  • UV Ray Protection: Stay safe in the sun with built-in UPF protection.

  • Sun Cream & Oil Resistance: No more worrying about damaging your suit.

  • Chlorine Resistance: Perfect for poolside fun.

UK Manufacturing Means a Sustainable Footprint

We proudly make our swimwear right here in the UK. Local production reduces transportation emissions and allows for closer quality control. Plus, we prioritise ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair treatment of workers.

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Zero Waste, Zero Worries (and Zero Paper Tags!)

Minimising waste is our goal! That's why we use digital marker-making software to optimise fabric usage.

Beyond Recycled Paper? No Paper at All!

Even recycled paper uses resources. We decided to go paperless and eliminate swing tags and paper branding. We're happy to share those savings with you and create a lighter environmental footprint.

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Always Sunshine Somewhere: Sustainability as Standard

We believe that looking great and feeling great also involve doing your part for the planet. Recycled fabrics, digital printing, and ethical manufacturing are how we make beautifully sustainable swimwear. Join us on our mission to turn the tide on fashion waste because a healthy planet is always in style.


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