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Sustainable and Affordable Women's Swimwear UK

union jack bikini, made in Britain

Sustainability as Our Standard: The Craft Behind Our UK-Manufactured Women's Swimwear

At Always Sunshine Somewhere, our journey into the world of swimwear is driven by a vision far removed from the ephemeral trends of fast fashion. We're sculpting a niche where sustainability isn't just a label but the very fabric of our brand's identity. Why do we insist on manufacturing in the UK, you ask? It's simple: it affords us the unparalleled ability to weave quality, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship into each piece of swimwear we design.

The Catalyst for Our Creation

Disheartened by the disposable nature of fast fashion and the premium often demanded for 'ethical' alternatives, we dared to dream differently. We've observed a trend where sustainability seemed synonymous with muted tones and understated designs. At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we're not ones to shy away from vibrancy. Our ethos? "Sustainability as standard." This philosophy means embracing ethical and sustainable methods without passing on a 'green premium' to our cherished customers.

Setting the Standard in Swimwear Manufacturing

What does this standard entail? It encompasses:

- A commitment to a safe, respectful workplace.

- Ensuring a living wage for all team members.

- Prioritising recycled and sustainable fabrics.

- Guaranteeing longevity in our swimwear through quality craftsmanship.

- Relying on a highly skilled team to ensure impeccable fit and finish.

Our UK-based production hub is a testament to our commitment. With a seasoned team boasting over a century of collective experience in the fashion industry, we stand at the vanguard of sustainable swimwear. This depth of expertise not only ensures each piece is a statement of style but also an emblem of ethical choice.

Ocean Plastics sea turtle

The Pillars of Our Sustainability

- Sustainable Materials: We champion ocean-friendly elegance, utilising OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Brisbane REC techno-fabric made from recycled polyester yarn. Durable, resistant, and protective against UV rays, our fabric choices are a love letter to the oceans we adore.

- Transparent Supply Chain: Our ethical fashion narrative is built on transparency. Manufacturing in our UK factory allows us to maintain control over every aspect of production, embodying our commitment to ethical fashion.

- Durability: We believe in swimwear that endures, rigorously testing our fabrics to ensure they withstand both time and the elements.

- Innovative Design: Embracing AI in our design and photography processes, we're pioneering a path to a lower carbon footprint in fashion.

Introducing Our Latest Swimwear Innovations

We're excited to unveil our newest swimwear designs, which encapsulate our vision of vibrant sustainability:


Our commitment is to offer more than just swimwear; it's about providing a sustainable choice without compromise. As we continue to innovate and inspire, we invite you to join us on this journey, where every choice is a step towards a more sustainable future for fashion.


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