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Floral Bikini & Swimwear Trend for 2024

Always Sunshine Somewhere's latest floral bikini & swimwear trend for 2024

Floral bikini 2024 UK

With spring on the horizon, our design team has unleashed their creativity into one of our beloved designs: the classic floral print.

Key Points

  • Sustainability is Fierce: Bold, vibrant floral prints crafted from eco-conscious materials prove that ethical fashion can be absolutely striking.

  • Reimagined Classics: Delicate florals get a modern edge with saturated colors and stylised blooms.

  • Neon Nostalgia: 90s-inspired florals in neon shades make a playful statement with a sustainable twist.

  • From Beach to Bougie: Tropical prints evoke exotic destinations, while sophisticated botanicals whisper of refined elegance.

  • Statement in Sustainability: Floral prints become artistic expressions, showcasing a commitment to both style and conscious choices.

Why do we strive to create bold, colourful sustainable swimwear? Our motivation stems from a dissatisfaction with the ephemeral nature of fast fashion and the high costs associated with 'ethical' options. We've noticed that sustainability often means dull colours and simple designs. At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we believe in standing out. Our philosophy is "Sustainability as standard," aiming to incorporate ethical and sustainable practices without adding extra costs for our customers.

Let's introduce our newest collection of floral prints for SS 24!

Step up your swimwear game with our Purple Triangle Bikini, a standout piece in our upcoming collection. Featuring a vibrant citrus floral pattern, this halter neck bikini set blends sustainability with fashion. The dynamic citrus green and aqua blue stand out against the purple background, making for an eye-catching look.


Designer Insight: This bold design channels the electric energy of Ibiza. The contrasting lime flowers pop against the rich purple base, creating a visually exciting pattern that demands attention.

It's perfect for embracing the island's vibrant nightlife and making a statement.

This vibrant design reimagines classic floral motifs with a bold, modern sensibility. Pops of saturated pink and sunny yellow dance across a vivid azure backdrop, creating a sense of playful sophistication. Embrace a poolside look that radiates effortless glamour, infused with the timeless appeal of floral patterns.


Designer Insight: This elegant design draws inspiration from the classic simplicity found within the architecture of the Greek islands. Clean lines, natural materials, and a color palette echoing the sea and sand create a sense of harmony. The design integrates seamlessly with the island's natural beauty, enhancing its allure rather than competing with it.

Perfect For: The charm of Santorini.

This statement piece features a neon yellow base that pops with chic black florals. The bold color combination is sure to turn heads, while the use of eco-friendly recycled fabric adds a touch of conscious style. It's perfect for those who want to stand out and embrace sustainable fashion.

Yellow Bikini - FLORAL BIKINI  - Ladies swimwear uk

Designer Insight: This design throws it back to 90s American style with a bold contrast of neon yellow and black. The clean lines and graphic floral motif embody the era's love for simplicity with a punch. It's perfect for channeling that nostalgic vibe and making a statement with a touch of 90s flair.

Perfect For: The lively atmosphere of Miami.

Sunshine seekers, rejoice! This eye-catching swimsuit stuns with a vibrant tropical floral print in bright pink and yellow. The bold colors practically scream "look at me" and are guaranteed to turn heads at the beach or pool. It's the perfect piece to make a statement and soak up some rays in style.

tropical bikini - green bikini - floral print swimwear

Designer Insight: This print embraces a bold, artistic spirit with its abstract forms and a palette of vibrant, near-neon colours. It channels the energy of modern art movements, making a statement that's both playful and sophisticated. It's perfect for those who appreciate a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

Perfect For: The scenic beaches of Thailand.

This design elevates the classic floral with a sophisticated execution. Delicate blooms adorn a crisp white base, creating a timeless and elegant pattern. The subtle playfulness of the flowers ensures the design catches the eye without overwhelming, making it perfect for effortless style with a touch of femininity.

Tropical Swimwear - white bikini - ss24 swimwear trends

Designer Insight: Loved by everyone in our team, this print is clean, crisp, and elegant, offering a white bikini that’s practical and stylish.

Perfect For: The stylish beaches of Mallorca.

Our bikinis come as separates, with three bottom styles available: string, high leg high waist, and hipster, letting you choose the fit and coverage you prefer.

Our Sustainability Commitments

-Sustainable Materials: We prioritise ocean-friendly materials, using OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified recycled polyester yarn. Our fabric is durable, UV-resistant, and a step towards protecting the oceans.

- Transparent Supply Chain: We believe in ethical fashion transparency. Producing in the UK allows us to oversee every production stage, ensuring ethical practices.

- Durability: Our swimwear is built to last, with each fabric tested for durability against time and the elements.

- Innovative Design: By using AI in our design and photography, we're leading the way towards reducing the carbon footprint in fashion.

Our aim is to provide swimwear that offers a sustainable choice without compromise. As we continue to innovate and inspire, we invite you to join our journey towards a more sustainable fashion future.


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