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Best Women's Bikini Sets & Swimsuits for 2024


Introducing our new women's swimwear brand Always Sunshine Somewhere: Unveiling Our Vibrant and Sustainable Women's Swimwear Collection featuring triangle bikinis, bandeau bikinis, plunge one piece swimsuits and cut out swimsuits in a range of exclusive prints designed in house.

Step into a world of sun, sea, and sustainable style with the launch of our brand-new women's swimwear collection, Always Sunshine Somewhere. Designed with love right here in the UK, our collection is set to redefine beachwear fashion with its vibrant energy and commitment to sustainability.

Elevate Your Swimwear Style in 2024 with Always Sunshine Somewhere

We're thrilled to introduce a collection that's not just swimwear – it's an embodiment of the sun-soaked spirit and ocean vibes. Each piece has been carefully crafted to make you feel confident, comfortable, and utterly chic as you bask under the sun.

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Sustainable Swimwear as Standard

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At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we believe in turning the tide on fast fashion. Our swimwear is not only a celebration of your individuality but also a pledge to protect the oceans and sands we adore. Our sustainable practices are woven into every thread, from our choice of eco-friendly materials to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint with UK manufacturing.

Exclusive Swimwear Prints to Set You Apart

What truly sets us apart are the exclusive prints that you won't find anywhere else. Our in-house designers have poured their creativity into crafting patterns that echo the beauty of nature and the zest of summer. From bold florals that capture the essence of tropical gardens to abstract designs that mirror the dance of sunlight on the water – our prints are a canvas of art and emotion.

Join the Sustainable Swimwear Movement

Be a part of the Always Sunshine Somewhere sustainable swimwear movement – a community of sun-seekers and style enthusiasts who believe in making a statement both in fashion and in the world. Our swimwear isn't just clothing; it's an invitation to embrace life, radiate positivity, and make conscious choices. We are proud to produce all our swimwear in the UK.

Explore the 2024 Women's Swimwear Collection

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Visit our UK Swimwear Shop to explore the entire collection, from eye-catching bikinis that hug the waves to elegant swimsuits that exude timeless charm. There's something for every style, every body, and every adventure.

About Always Sunshine Somewhere

Always Sunshine Somewhere was born out of a passion for merging style with sustainability. Our commitment to creating swimwear that's a blend of fashion, function, and eco-consciousness drives us to bring you collections that stand out in more ways than one.

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