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White Swimwear Tips for Buying & Looking After It?

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White Bikinis and Swimsuits Design team Debate

Welcome to another Always Sunshine Somewhere design team debate. While brainstorming our next swimwear range, our conversation naturally drifted towards the allure of white swimwear. It's a classic choice, but not without its dilemmas. Is it a timeless choice that every woman should have in her collection, or is it a high maintenance nightmare?

White Bikini Pros:

- Timelessly chic, white swimwear offers an effortlessly sophisticated vibe.

- It beautifully highlights a sun-kissed tan, making it a summer essential.

White Bikini Cons:

- Unfortunately, white is prone to showing stains, demanding extra care.

- When wet, it can become transparent, raising concerns about privacy.

- Over time, white can yellow, losing its crisp appeal.

- It might not complement all skin tones, limiting its universality.

- Ideal for Instagram, but perhaps not the best choice for the more active beachgoer.

Our Creative Bikini Solution:

We've dreamed up a solution that keeps the sophistication of white but with a practical twist. Excitedly, we introduce our patterned white swimwear collection. These pieces feature lively patterns on a white base, cleverly hiding any marks and significantly reducing the risk of transparency. It's the perfect synergy of style, functionality, and the classic beauty of white swimwear, tailored for every adventure and every wearer.

Introducing Our New Swimwear Designs 

This elegant floral print on a pristine white base offers a bold statement, ensuring you shine with every beach outing. We think this offers the elegance of the white bikini but with enough going on that any marks or stains would not be automatically visible.

white bikini prints - tropical swimwear - ethical swimwear uk

Dive into the waves with our Black and White Tribal Abstract Bikini, a piece that blends wild prints with the timeless elegance of monochrome. Monochrome is a classic and lets you get away with a lot more than pure white.

black and white bikinis - bandeau bikinis - triangle bikini

All our swimwear is ethically and sustainably made in Britain using recycled fabrics. With all bikini's sold in separates enabling choice of sizes and mix and match options.

The Teams Final Thoughts

The team agreed that the choice between a pure white bikini and one with a dash of colour and pattern comes down to personal preference and intended use. At Always Sunshine Somewhere, we lean towards colour and prints and believe our new designs offer a delightful compromise that captures the essence of white swimwear, infused with our signature style.

Always Sunshine Somewhere Team

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