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Bikinis 2024: Sustainable Style is Always on Trend

bikinis 2024 trends

Bikini 2024: Style, Sustainability, and the Perfect Fit

As a defining trend of the season, one mantra rings true: if it's not sustainable, it's not on trend.  This season ushers in a wave of eco-conscious bikini designs that make both a stylish and ethical statement.

"Here at Always Sunshine Somewhere, we believe that sustainability shouldn't sacrifice style," says Julia Price, founder of the UK-based sustainable swimwear brand. "We're committed to crafting beautiful bikinis from recycled materials, innovating with eco-friendly fabrics, and ensuring our production is kind to the planet."

Silhouette Spotlight: Timeless Shapes, Modern Updates

Two quintessential bikini styles reign supreme this season: the classic triangle and the ever-chic bandeau. Triangle bikinis get a sophisticated upgrade with playful prints, delicate straps, and unexpected embellishments – think a subtle touch of beading or artful knot detailing. The bandeau, long a favourite for maximising tan lines, boasts a return to simplicity. Clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and a focus on impeccable fit make this a wardrobe staple suitable for diverse body types.

bandeau and triangle bikini trends

The Mix-and-Match Revolution

Embrace the freedom of a bespoke bikini!  Purchasing separates is the key to achieving the perfect fit in 2024.  Experimenting with contrasting colours, textures, and prints within this mix-and-match approach elevates your beachwear to a realm of personalised style.

mix and match bikinis 2024

Pushing Sustainability: Eco-Luxe and Beyond

Look for brands committed to responsible manufacturing, recycled materials, and innovative fabrics that stand the test of time.

  • Eco-Luxe:  Sustainably sourced, high-quality fabrics with an emphasis on textures like subtle ribbing and recycled mesh. Think ECONYL® (regenerated nylon) or fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Cutting-Edge: Brands on the forefront of this movement push boundaries with fabrics crafted from unexpected sources like ocean waste or even algae-based materials.

Key Trends to Note:

  • Earthy Hues:  A sunbaked palette inspired by nature: sandstone, terracotta, and muted greens dominate.

  • Retro Remix:  High-waisted bottoms and classic silhouettes take inspiration from vintage glamour but modernise it with daring cutouts or playful details.

  • Minimalist Metallics:  Touches of shimmer in neutral tones add a hint of understated elegance.

  • Print Play:  Embrace joyful expression with tropical florals, bold geometrics, or classic animal prints. Choose prints that flatter your specific body shape or skin tone.

  • Sporty Chic:  The rise of athletic-inspired swimwear with details like mesh inserts, bold colour blocking, and functional zipper details.

  • Unexpected Textures:  A focus on textured fabrics beyond ribbing, such as waffle knit, seersucker, or crochet-inspired looks.

  • Sheer Glamour:  The use of sheer panels or mesh insets to add a touch of playful peekaboo to classic bikini styles.

The Art of Personalisation

Summer 2024 is about expressing YOUR style.  Consider these creative tips:

  • Mix-and-Match Beyond the Basics:  Contrast prints and textures, not just colours, for a truly unique look.

  • Accessorise with Intention:  Elevate your beach ensemble with statement earrings, embrace the resurgence of body chains, or style a vintage kimono as a chic cover-up.

  • Creative Styling:  Wear a bikini top as a layering piece under a sheer blouse or add rings to straps for a custom touch.

The Verdict

Summer 2024 is about celebrating individuality within a framework of conscious fashion choices.  Whether drawn to timeless silhouettes, daring cutouts, playful textures, or vibrant prints, select your swimwear with an eye for quality, ethical production, and the perfect fit that allows your confidence to shine as brightly as the summer sun.


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